Three perspectives on Science Fiction and books in different formats

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Science fiction is a bridge to visionary possibilities, to explore possible futures. It also helps to see our own existing society from a new perspective where science is the driving force of the story. For Science Fiction is not just about future space flight to other planets and solar systems. It’s fiction based on science where not even the sky is the limit of the possible. To use Professor Richard Dawkins’ words:

“I like science fiction. But not all science fiction. I like science fiction, which contains a scientific lesson, for example – when the science fiction book changes one thing but leaves the rest of the science intact and examines the consequences of this. It’s actually very valuable.”

Science Fiction books in all formats

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg provides an additional perspective with the following words:

“Remember, that science fiction has always served as a first warning to think about things that can happen. It’s easier for a reader ship or audience to receive warnings from sci-fi without the feeling that we’re preaching to them. All the science fiction film that I’ve ever seen, anyone who’s worth their weight in celluloid, warns us of things that finally come true.”

The author Jean M. Auel gives a third perspective:

“Science Fiction is not just about future space flight to other planets, it’s fiction based on science and I use it as the basis for my fiction, but it’s science of prehistory – paleontology and archaeology – rather than astronomy and physics.”

These are some of the perspectives we at B-InteraQtive Publishing will shortly start a new project. We look forward to interesting and innovative manuscripts, for publication as interactive book, ebook or/and in print. Please contact us with questions and ideas.

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