Bordertraveller blog opens with 360-degree comics and text-audio stories

Very welcome to the Bordertraveller blog. It is focusing on books, publishing and the society in general, and it is the English version of Gränsfararebloggen (in Swedish) that has been around for a while. Besides publishing stories to read and listen to, the blog also will include more interactive experiences like the 360-degree comics that we are launching now, see below, there is much more to come.

Using 360-degree comics

To use a 360-degree comics strip experience you drag the strip clockwise. As you follow the comics strip you will find additional integrated features like audio, video, text, links and quizzes. See our 360-degree comics story with the title: The Development of the book and freedom of expression, see below.

Features in 360-degree comics


Click to open text, image or video in a 360-degree comics.


Click to open audio in a 360-degree comics

Quiz and summary

Click to open quiz or summary in a 360-degree comics

Next 360 degree comics strip

Go to the next 360-degree comics strip

 information about the 360 degree comics strip

Click for information about the 360-degree comics strip

360-degree comics on Bordertraveller blog

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