How exercise improve your mental and cognitive health

How exercise improve your mental and cognitive health

New research by Jeremy R. Manning, Gina M. Notaro, Esme Chen and Paxton C. Fitzpatrick shows that different forms of exercise have different impact on your mental and cognitive health. In other words, just like lifting weights mostly impact the arms and less the legs, memory and cognitive perfermance is empowered differently from different forms of exercise. 

How exercise improve your mental and cognitive health

The result is based on a century’s worth of fitness data from 113 individuals that was collected with the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) platform. The authors writes in Nature:

“We then asked participants to fill out surveys asking them to self-report on different aspects of their mental health. We also asked participants to engage in a battery of memory tasks that tested their short and long term episodic, semantic, and spatial memory performance. We found that participants with similar physical activity habits and fitness profiles tended to also exhibit similar mental health and task performance profiles.”

These results can be seen as groundbreaking as they build a foundation to design activities that have different forms of impact on cognitive performance and mental health. 

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