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This collection includes stories from different societal environments, their drama, and problems. At the same time as the book also is moving on another level in an underlying story. It is a time portrayal of a crumbling industrial society. Where dark clouds are covering the sky as it is no longer is in line with the development.

The first story starts on a peaceful day on the beach. With an approaching mystery and ends in the eye of a storm in “Breaths” on the edge of destruction. Click to learn more about the book

A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45

A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45

Insightful story by an eyewitness

On an early autumn day in the year 1844 François Rouel and his companion enter Stockholm in order to participate in the coronation of king Oscar I. After an eventful, but not that pleasant first day as a Frenchman in Stockholm, he later writes: “On the first day of my stay in the capital, I could not imagine that I would stay for half a year that turned out to be the case”.

After the coronation of king Oscar I, Rouel begins an insightful exploration of the city’s social life, high and low, added with imaginative comparisons with his home country. The outcome becomes an uncensored story about Stockholm and its surroundings. Learn more about the book

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The French Revolution and today’s Digital REvolution

Listen to the story: The power of words, both its aesthetics, spirit and influence are often mentioned. To borrow a few words from the short story collection Bordertraveller Stories by LarsGoran Bostrom (that will be published within the coming weeks): “Outside the arena ruling a relative calm. Some kind of …

Return of the Republic of Scholars – From Erasmus until now

Listen to the story: During the Renaissance, academics and students walked between the growing number of universities. This roving academic life still existed to some extent in the 19th century, as the author Karl Kullberg testifies in a travelogue from Europe 1842 (only available in Swedish). There he encounters, among other …

Mark Twain’s essay on the art of telling a story

Mark Twain’s authorship is timeless as the words weigh heavy and find new nourishment through decades and centuries. For example, the short story collection Gränsfarare (in Swedish) and with the translated title Bordertraveller stories that will be published in August 2020, which is the starting point for this blog, begins …